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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 14, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> giants break a deadlock. >> a worker's walk out cripples koirts in san francisco. why it may be too late for workers to get a raise. the dream force conference, brought to you by one of the nation's most-innovative mpanies >> local researchers look for an update to an effective method of treating it. geents celebrate their victory tonight the am takes a step in the march towards the world series. good evening, i'm ama daetz.
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>> the win puts giants up two wins from going to the world series gain. they won it on a buntith two men on base. and a bad throw to fit allows winners to come on by third. colon, let's talk to you and the highlight. >> yes. put the ball in play. force opposition to make a play. a familiar theme this post-season from the giants two wins from their third world series tp in five years couldn't ask for a better start. first inning lding 1-0. basesloaded, deep to right center, off the base of the wall. hunter penns sco four-run cushion for tim hudson. cardinalschip away.
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to extra innings tied at four. gregor blanco lays down a bunt. incomes crawford. giants taking a 2-1 series lead. >> it's very exciting you know? to get the go ahead in the series. and tomorrows going to be a big game,oo. >> he put preure on with his speed great bal game. we came out swinging the night he settled down. they kept chipping away. >> any time youake a lead i feel like you should win those
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games ten out of ten times. >> the giants look to ta a commanding 3-1 series lead tomorrow night. live at at and t park, abc7 news >> thank you. collin. abc7ews reporter wayne freedman is at the ballpark tonight. fans have been celebrating. hi, wayne. >> hi celebrating and this pce is beginning to empty out and getting quiet. that game ended and fans ploded out of the ballpark. here is a sense of what it looks like. >> let's take a look. craze mass of humanity pouring out of at a t park said what see here it is time to break out the feverwork. certainly building after today's win. >> this is fantastic.
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means we're awesome. it's huge. it's our time. . >> i almost had a heart tack. >> please don't. >> just a fabulous game. so happy to be here today. i'm that excited. >> too hard not to win? >> just amazing. >> i'll tell you it's not the -- it wasn't what bruce bocci said. a woman told us giants won today because she wore the same sweater she wore every game in 2012. another guy told us giants won because he has the same cheese burger before every home game. that is amazing. reporting ve in the ballpark, wayne freedman abc7 news.
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>> it's combination of the two. thank you, wayne. here is what you'll find if you drive your car to the game. some garages are up to $120 for parking. and they tell us prices are likely to goup. >> here are fans who seem to think giants need ather worl series ring, yes, they do. >> send us your pictures by e mailing them to you report at or tweet them to us. >> for everyoneat at and t park it did not rain. sky 7 hd did catch a few drops on lenses today. take a look at what cheryl jennings encountered this morning. the storm is fizzling. here is a look at the cloud
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cover across the bay area. we've had areas of wet weather in the bay area. not much so far. 9/100ths in mount tam. 12/100ths in mount st. helena. higher elevations recorded more rainfall. 1/100ths is it for now but there is more on the way. you can see an area of rainfall steadier rain up to the north moving south of eureka now. slow,moving down into our region. starting at 7:00 tonight we'll see a few pockets of scattered light showers. we'll see rain moving int the north bay. into overnight hours, we'll see pockets of showers beginning to break up in early morning hours. >> spencer, thank you. you can see what shows up on live doppler 7 hd with abc7 news weather app. go to abc7 it is free and google play.
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>> a one-day strike but court clerks postponed trials and delayed lel proceedings today both sides are blaming each other for unfai labor practices. this clerk's office would normally be bustling now. with more than half of the courts employes on strike, it's closed. it meant victor santee couldn't file papers to stop an upming eviction. >> the workers say the court is violating law by bargaining in bad faith for a new deal that will begin in 2015. >> this is across the table.
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then we'll lose jobs. >> nearly $16 million. they say it could pay for a wage hike but the court says under state law, money had to be spent by this past july. >> we spent it to gear run tee health care for retirees, to balance our budget. we spent to it improve services to the public. >> the stre shut down nine of the 23 courtrooms. 14 of the 26 at civic center. emergencies were priorities. for other filings and papers there were drop boxes court clerks are the highes paid in the state but union says the comparison is unfair. >> san francisco is one of the most expensive places in the united states to live and just to be able to come to work. >> with trial courts suffering re than a billion in state
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cuts, the courts not offering wage increases. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> a san francisco woman who was shot by her ex-boyfriendçóñiñzdt the hospital. she was shot at her home early friday morning by a 29-year-old cedric young, junior. at one point they arrested young for public intoxication he returnedo the apartment demaing to take his things police watched him leave but he returned and shot lamb, then killed himself. >> this is a star suddened second day. brunoars and cake will rock the civic center in benefit concert that will raise funds for childrens hospitals.
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entrepreneurs were encouraged to dream big. she needs to introduction. that is what she got with a standing ovation from the crowd one question is on everyone's mind. >> it's time to elect and support a strong woman. >> assembling care paths for parents for a program called talk, read, think. >> when parents red, talk and sing with children from earliest days we're talking abo the begiing it's hlping them learn words, build voe cab back to you larry. >> clinton says she's not much of a singer but these guys are. the beach boys made a surprise appearance in the key note mark benioff >> make sure there is training
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for teachers. >> who better to get kids to love tech than pop star will i >> i was a disadvtaged kid from the project. education is what brings me here today. >> veterans know it's the one tech conferencwhere product announce manies can take a back seat. >> it's probably the biggest announcement sales force had probablyn 6, 7 years. wave is what they're calling the program. >> it allows them to figure out rapidly that if you need it more than three times they just want to talk to you. >> because it sells software, customers do well, they do well. >> they're trying to inspire all of the people to go back and drag their companies into the future. >> in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> still ahead tonight a dramatic rescue at mount hamilton. a woman is saved after spending the night in a ravine. >> we'll follow up on damaged plane had to return to san ancisco international airport. did the pilot me the right call? >> later bay area tech giants givi women a reason to put motherhood on hold. the perk puts work ahead of being a mom. >> what do you need in your earthquake kit? earthquake kit? 7 ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. police were able to find a
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driver of this car, 19 hours after it careened io a ravi on mount hamilton thanks to an officer that wouldn't give up. take look. you can see rescuers hoisting the woman to safety. all because of that officer's use of a high-tech tool available to many ofus. here is a look at where this happened east of 101 and 6 # 0. e car equipped with onstar that alerted police a crash happened police officer cameron came up with a plan. he went to her home and tried again and again to unlock her ipad and figured out the pass word and used apple's find my own app to pinpoint her
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location. >> officers fnd her outside of her car and don't know if she wa ejected or crawled out the terrain made it too icult to carry her ton ambulance. she has moderate to severe injuries to legs and stomach but is recovering. >> an emergency landing at o, abc7 news reporter is looking into this episode and is live w from the hiller aviation museum you've been talking with experts about this? >> i have, dan. first of all i'll tel you about the cors. these are meant to be just covers they're not part of the skin of the aircraft. still, it's unsettling for
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passengers yesterday when the covers were popping and breaking in the middle of a flight. >> this is not a life-threatening problem. >> having spent 36 years as a mechanic for twa. david says what he has seen in videos and photos as scary ait looked, passengers and crew on the flight 2293 were never in jeopardy. >> real danger? actually wasn't any. >> why? >> the plane was going to stay pressurized. the air is coming into the airplane. >> if a duct breaks or fails, david said it can create enough pressure insideof the panels to make them buckle b the structure, the skin of e plane, wasn't compromised. of cose, passengers like joan deny dn't know that at the time.
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she was sitting next to one of the panels. >> you think, i don think we're going to make it and it's scary. weird. >> the hull of the airplane which is important wasot penetrated and so, i'm sure it's scary for people inside of the airplane. at no time were they in danger. >> the airliner has been moved from sfo to tulsa. as for the 184 passengers, most were able to board other flights by this morning. >> i'm getting back on today then trying to get home. >> american hasn't revealed how old the plane is, except to say average age of the fleet of 757s is 19 years. in san carlos, abc7 news. >> a group of political heavy hitters hopes to shake up the mayor's race with just three weeks until election day. is morning current mayor joined former mayors to endorse
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candidat lacardo. >> like other things you hear abougreat plans we need someone who can implemt plans. >> his endorse manies came about months ago. we have received endorsement of five chiefs going back here 20 years. >> the supervisor has support of law enforcement. the race is a dead heat with a third of voters still undecide >> long time alternative newspaper bay guardian is shutting doors the free weey known for it's progressive stance has been in business 48 years. san francisco media company which bought the guardian says it has to close the paper for financial reasons no word on how many people were lose jobs the guardian's editor says everyone is trying to absorb the news. they will publish a final edition tomorrow. >> well, on to weather.
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you can tell when you look outside, it's chaed. >> yes. it's nice. drizzly outside. >> drizlets. we're hoping for more later tonight. >> yes. >> maybe droplets and ploplets. take a look at live doppler 7 hd now. we have cloud cover in the bay area right now. this is the moisture bringing wi spread rain. a storm warning in effect for much of the san joaquin valley until 8:00 this morning. the wind will be subsidi a bit. here in the bay area now there is a look at wind speeds. still breezy conditions but gusts he not so strong as they were an hour or so ago.
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looking eastward, look at the clouds in the sky. it's 66 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 66 in san jose and morgan hill. 60s in half moon bay. a live view for a dramatic one, too. santa rosa, napa, upper 60s. and another view from our camera looking at skylines downtown san francisco, we can see a break in the clouds there. rain spreading south ward tonight. more rain is possible throughout the weekend. so let's take a look at satellite image here. you can see there is clouds
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bringing us steadier rainfall. we have an active orm track in our direction. rainfall totals as of 5:00 tomorrow afternoon not so great. up to 4-tenths of an inch in north bay mountains. lower elevations will see about a tenth of an inch in locations in the inland east bay ask south bay receiving no measurable rainfall. in the sierra, so back to the bay area, some scattered showers overnight. clouds, low temperatures into upper0s to near 60s. highs under partly sunny skies into afternn. mid-60s on the coast to mid-70s
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inland tomorrow, afternoon early evening at and t park, game four of the national championship series will be partly cloudy. about 62 degrees at the start of the game. here is the accu-weather forecast. you can see it's unsettled with a chance of rain friday, saturday, and monday, and tuesday. and on and on we hope. >> we like that. >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> coming up next, an annoying water leak on t streets of san jose. >> why it's been lettin
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tay u.s. supreme court refused to hear a challenge to a law banning the sale of that delicacy in the state barrin state farmers from producing foie gras. the abc7 news i team produced a series of reports that were cleared. >> with this day in a drought, some are upset about a flagrant exame of water wasting byhe water company. take a look at this, water has been bubbling from under a man hole cover in owntown san jose since friday night. that is when an abc7 news viewer first spotted the leak. the water created a small stream. >> we're in a water drought now. just to let it run like that is
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pathetic. should have been addressed as soon as we're reported. the water company tells abc7 news the leak will be fixed tomorrow. a company spokesperson says crews had to wait to finish otr work in the area. santa clara communitiy hired water cops to help residents. >> kids from willow grove school joined first lady michelle ama today. the udents picked lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes as part of the harvest. once they finished harvesting, the students learned how to cook them. and then,njoyed a meal of pumpkin soup and chicken. very special day. >> yes. >> there is re still to come at 6:00. just ahead, women of silicon valley who have put motherhood on hold. their companies now helping them start a family when they're
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ready. >> and researchers look for an >> and researchers look for an update to a effective
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apple and facebook have come up with a latest perk to attract more women employees the two giants are payingwomen to freeze their eggs. the companies say this gives women an option to go for that high power career and start a family later in life. not everyone is happy about this. >> 20% of the women inthe u.s. wait until 35 to have a child. down side is that if they want to have more information it gets harder to conceive. a third of the couples where the woman is older have fertility issues. apple and facebook are betting this perwill increase the number of people joining their company.
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>> it's giving them moreof an option to take on the career now. then not be pressured off children now. >> facook offers egg freezing and storage as part of the nefit package. apple will be beginning in january. apple told abc7 news we want to empower women to do the best work of their lives. they care for lved ones and raise famies. often women put off having children becausef careers only to realize how hard it to start a family later on. dr. cart herbert says it's like buying lif insurance. >> you don't expe to die and get hit by a truck. you guy it in case it happens for se extent that is what this i >> he says eggs become less viable over time. >> these eggs are changingver time. so, yes. eggs that you have are more
7:33 pm
plentiful in your 20s and percenta of good quality eggs is higher. >> seval hormone injection s are needed to produce a fair amount of eggs some will produce ten degrees some, up to 25. each costs about $10,000. both apple and facebook cover up to 20,000. don't expect every woman to jump at this idea. >> it comeso getting involved with health an longevity, family planning and everything else, you think it's over the top. >> creepy. >> when it comes to searching for a job we know perks do matter. other companies may now llow. in the newsroom abc7 news. >> thank you. >> a shocking new development in the ebola crisis. world health organization predicts there could be 5 to 10,000 cases every week by
7:34 pm
december. face book's mark scummerberg donating to help fight ebola. in announcing donation today, zuckerberg said the epidemic is in a critical turning point and wants it controlled before becoming a long term crisis like hiv or polio. as for nurse the 26-year-old issued a statement today saying she's dog well. officials are still trying t figure out how she was infected despite taking proper precautions while caring for the patient who died last week. she now has been given a blood transfusion that contains an antibody. >> those antibodies are proving to be the most effective treatments and helped save two patients under. tonight eric thomas explains how it works and looks at challenges are developing treatments. >> in his lab at the glad stone
7:35 pm
institutes, he investigates novel ways to attack viruss for time being, he believes the fastest way to treat current patients will probably be within older method called serum. >> taking blood from patients who are revered or recovering from the disease in this case, eeb yoela. and isolating the serum from the blood. >> he says more sophisticated version is the basis of a drug called z map that appeared to cure two health workers rushed from west africa to atlanta this year. but the challenge is that it's in short supply. it involves antibodies using live mice. >> process purifying and creating them in model systems like plants is time consuming. and slow. >> potential vaccines to guard
7:36 pm
can be on the rise and one is proven effective in primates but the path to approval of the drug in humans includes concerns about safety. researchersay the most effective versions involve using life virus altered to care protein rz from eeb yoela to stimulate the immune system. some worry they can mutate. still, the doctor points to polio vaccines made from weakened but still-living versions of the virus. >> it was a vaccine just eradicated. six months ago i india. just announced. >> he believes it should be a wake up cal to develop a proud range of antiviral agents for other threats. eric thomas abc7 news. >> the strateg was used curing an outbreak in 199s, seven of
7:37 pm
the eight survived you can get updates as they happen with abc7 news app. it is free to down load. go to abc7 slash app. >> coming up next, an east bay ballot measure keeping a promise made a long time ago. your voice,
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tonight things are looking up for intel. up from last year and better than expected. computer chip sales are up, and so are the internet services intel provides. home loans have been a big drag on the bank's bottom line the dow started up this morning but fell to minus five at the closing bell. and best news, northern california gas prices down to $3.58 per gallon down in one month the lowest prices in the bay area are in san jose, santa cruz, santa rosa and tracy.
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>> election day is just three weeks away a measure to provide billions is drawing fire from opponents. many want anything that would make traffic and transit move. >> this is so bad, it's such a dushgy with many big mistakes in it. >> jerry gathered to fight what they're callinga misleading ad campaign. ift passes it would generate nearly $8 billion in transit. also bricking bart to livermore, that, jerry says would be a massive waste of taxpayer dollars. >> a small city of 82,000 people does not justify a bart line.
7:42 pm
>> if i don't walk and fight, the grandchildren, i mean what do i say to them? 30 years? >> judy agrees and believes her taxes have paid for the long ago promised extension she doesn't want to pay for it again. >> tocome back with another plan they're skeptical. >> we're hping we can bridge the gap. >> she helped to push measure b. she says it's about more than roads and highways. >> it important they understand that future for them selv and their children will depend on ground work we've done now. >> a 2-thirds vote is needed for a win. >> coming up next, earthquake
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preparedness. are you ready for the big one to hit? >> michael finney turns to fema >> michael finney turns to fema to stock an ♪ ♪
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first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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approaching anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake is bringing back memories. 25 years later did we learn anything from it? >> a lot of us are not as prepared as we should be. >> there is no clear stastics let's assume thousands of us do not. th should serve as a wake up call to get them together. >> anna lives in an anselmo. she does not have a kit. >> i'm an optimist. and i'm not that worried about it. ey've been smaller magnitude there is time get what i
7:47 pm
needed. there wasn't dame. so i guess i'm living in bliss. >> we turned to fema. randy works for fema in oakland >> nonperishable foods. there is a recommendation of three days worth of food supply. >> water, too. >> can opener in order to get cans open. flashlight, batteries. first aid kit. disaster radio. hand cranked or solar powered. >> it's good to have plastic sheeting and duct tape. and adding tools will save you in a pinch. >> pliers and a wrench. >> you may be traped and need a way to communicate with others. >> if have you to call for help. you want to have a whistle. >> include food and water f
7:48 pm
pets, too. if you want to go beyond the recommendation, you might wt to add water pure fiction tabls or just bleach. >> in addition to water pure fiction you may want to have a reverse osmosis mp. >> a fire extinguisher is good to have around. >> this will boil water in five minutes you may want to consider a solar charger. >> that is a good idea. a good time to check for the batteries, food, water is when there is a time change which is also just coming up. >> yes. >> this is a perfect time. >> yes. >> abc7 news anchor taking a look back at the quake friday night at 6:30 right here on abc7
7:49 pm
with apecial report. >> that is a great report. >> lots of cloud cover now up in the north bay. rain is getting clor. in san joaquin valley we have a dust storm warning and a report from ker county of vehicles pulling over to the side. good news is that that warning will expire. tomorrow, we expect highs from
7:50 pm
mid-s on the coast to mid-70s inland dry day thursday. more rain or showers and monday, into tuesday, another period of rain and showers. thank you, spencer. >> what a fun game. >> thankfully rain held off today. >> yes. >> they blow a leadagain. three of the nlcs. good plays by giants. we have highlights and retion
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>> tim hudson on the hill for a first career start. and wind would play a factor. bottom first two on, two out for hunter pens he doubts one into the right corner. buster posy scores.
7:54 pm
and a firstnning lead. two-run triple. 4-2. giants. hudy makes a mistake. bottom 102 on for the geents. randy throws the ball away. and giants win. and collin, i have to imagine a relieved group after had one. >> we've heard it. giants they just find a wa to win. sometimes when you make the right play that can be the
7:55 pm
difference in the game. >> run as fast as you can >> things can happen. you know he was able to get the bunt down. and re enough, you got to make them play their skills, their positions and execute as well today just happened t go for us. >> we do have to n ball games you know? we're ahead now. this is over. >> we'll be back here tomorrow night. ryan yoeg yulsong on the hill giants two wi from another appearance in the world series.
7:56 pm
>> royals up two games to nothing looking to take control against the royals right now it's a 1-1 game in the fifth inning. we'l have highlights coming up at 9:00 ask 11:00. sharks hit theroad, facing caps. first period from the break. first goal of the season sharks now in the third. keeps fighting and puts theuck past eters. now we're in overtime we'll have highlights coming up later tonight. just uld like to see giants
7:57 pm
win an easy game. >> yes. >> and so there is two more t go. >> yes. i like that advantage, giants. >> all right. >> join us tonight at 9:00, epic encounter about to take place within our o solar system. join us at 9:00 the w form of addiction are you at risk? marvel's agents of shield and stayith us for abc7 news 11:00. >> go to watch abc and down load from your app store. >> works well. >> yes. it does. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues on
7:58 pm
twitter. >> from all of us here we preciate your time as always, hope you have a great night we'll see you again at 9:00 an 11:00.
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